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It Is Time To Begin Saving With Solar
The Cave Creek offers lucrative incentives for the business owners creating solar panels for business which is a smart investment. More and more companies daily are choosing solar power to boost their sustainability effort, but more significantly, they are selecting to keep their wealth and not offering it to electric utility every month.
Present Solar Grants 
The present solar grants for large and small business owners include USDA REAP Grant. It offers up to 25 percent of project costs in cash to business for investing into solar power.
Present Solar Incentives And Rebates 
Both federal and local solar rebates and incentives are proving to now hit the sweet spots. After rebates, the businesses may pay as less as 20 percent only for the whole project. And with new Arizona production incentive, the businesses will be now paid cash every year by their own utility for solar power they produce. With such an incentive, you’ll have utility paying you finally!
Free Evaluation & Quote  
At no costs to you, our own commercial solar estimator will offer a solar feasibility valuation, and recommend you about how to finance the solar project while also taking benefit of local and federal tax credits and incentives. We will then calculate the total amount of sunshine accessible on your commercial open land or rooftop. Our estimators will work together with you to gauge many system designs as well as financing options to figure out the suitable fit for your own business.

Solar COMMERCIAL solutions to control your energy cost

Our qualified technician provide solar systems's periodic inspections and routine maintenance to keep them operating efficiently. We also repair, maintain, upgrade and clean commercial solar systems.

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Decrease Your Bottom Line By Going Solar 
Solar power can help decrease utility bills for the commercial energy users. Additionally, there are state and federal government solar incentives, depreciation incentives, and tax breaks that can make solar panels more attractive short-term investments for business and property owners. 
For the commercial establishments like restaurants, warehouses, and other premises, your reliance on the solar power not just helps to decrease running costs, it enhances your company’s image as well. Your business comes as ethical, environmentally concerned and socially responsible, which creates an excellent impression upon the visitors to your own premises and people that you do your business with. 
Maintenance And Post-Install Operations
After the project is completed, our crew of technical specialists are available to help you with all questions that may arise. Other than tech support, we offer our clients an online repository consisting information about different systems (like supporting documents, monitoring support, etc). 
To guarantee that your solar investment always is operating properly, we offer real-time, advanced monitoring systems which offer real-time access for your solar electrical system’s status as well as performance through secure website. With it you can view, analyse and download historical data to be shared with others. You also will be capable to analyse the building’s power consumption!