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The Arizona offers lucrative incentives for the solar systems, making solar a smart investment for your home  for your climate and pocketbook. Solar paneling for homes cost has come significantly down over the current years driving more and more families to go solar for their option to light their houses. 
The most common misconception here is that the Arizona makes for a bad climate for solar systems. The truth is that solar energy does work!
People Are Choosing US for Their Residential Solar Systems Installation Because Of:
We believe that well-informed homeowners will make the correct decision always. That is why all our residential solar estimates are no-obligation and free always . And we are always pleased to answer all your questions! 
We take complete care of all the things for you. From creating permit applications to paperwork to get your incentives our expert solar system technicians are well known in understanding the differences in building codes according to the location. After installation is done, you can count on us to be your neighbourly and friendly solar experts for all your questions.
 Post-Install Support
Our company and technicians will not forget you ever. Once we install the solar system for you the job does not end there. We will monitor the whole production of each system and send our technicians to troubleshoot any problems that might arise. Our clients also get to advantage from using our customer resource sections to stay updated. 
We know that your house can be complex and is unique. We also know that you deserve to get your solar system installed always in a way that is done perfectly and the way in which you wish for it the very first time. At our company, you will work with our Designers closely to turn your ideas into reality.

Solar System: 

Clean Affordable & Safe Technology 

Smart homeowners are increasingly looking to renewable energy and investing in a home solar system today.

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Get Solar Informed   
If you are informed, you’ll be more sure with your decisions to go solar. 
Our company will evaluate your house and offer you with free solar report. The report will offer you with solar energy generation estimates, cost breakdowns, all rebates and incentives, and more on a monthly basis! 
Current Solar Technology
In past decades, we have seen innovation changing residential solar industry. Latest technology allows homeowners to produce more energy per square foot as well as to monitor the power consumption and production by every minute and get more.  
We Only Recommend The Best Solar Systems 
We have done our own due diligence and utilize only the proven and best solar systems. There are lots of factors to select one solar system over other (example quicker payback, advanced efficiency). During the site assessment, the solar estimator from our company will help you to make an informed decision that fits your present as well as future goals in the best possible way. 
We Support The Local Communities 
We mainly believe in growing as a community and we should work with our community. From printing company to solar system manufactures, we will do our best always to utilize other local businesses to source the solar equipment.